Surmanti Pear & Passionflower Home Parfum/Linen Spray

Surmanti Pear & Passionflower Home Parfum/Linen Spray


Delicate, sweet, creamy and exotic finished with rich French pear.

Controlled ambience. Surmanti Pear and Passionflower Linen Spray- Home Parfum. Designed to deodorise and freshen your environment, and delight your senses.

Simply spritz this highly concentrated, (isopropyl alchol free) formulation for instant freshness and fragrance. Ideal  to set the scene or change the tone of a room. Spritz on freshly laundered linen, mattresses pillows, cushions and upholstery.

This item is not able to be shipped to Australia.

Surmanti linen spray is packaged in a 200ml black glass bottle, with gold spritzer and over cap. The bottle neck is adorned with a surmanti gold coin. Finished in a matt black box with gold foiling and an embossed surmanti coin.

OUR INGREDIENTS: Aqua, Passionflower Hydrosol, Ethanol Denatured, Essential Oils, Natural Fragranced Oils, Organic Passiflora Incarnata (Passionflower) Oil, Pyrus Communis (Pearflower) Essence.



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